Intercourse: Fact and Fiction. Whats the normal penis size?

How quickly is early ejaculation? In which could be the G-spot? Grab a ruler and a stopwatch since the specialists kind sex urban myths through the facts.

If there have been a roll necessitate the founding dads of intercourse urban myths for men, a few no-brainers would clearly result in the list: porn legend John Holmes, whose yule-log-size penis nevertheless casts a shadow over anxiety-prone men. Ditto NBA-great Wilt Chamberlain, whoever claim of experiencing slept with 20,000 females makes Don Juan look monastic.

After which there's purveyor-of-sex-myths Walt Disney.

"we think Walt Disney produces lots of mythology," claims Seth Prosterman, PhD, a medical sexologist and licensed wedding and family therapist exercising in bay area. "In Disney films, individuals fall in love and head into the sunset, and you receive this misconception that closeness is a given when you fall in love, and sex is normal and follows that."

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