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A web room at One.com gives access to cost-free use of the Website Building Contractor (approximately 5 web page use a links). Site Building contractor features, for instance a collection of design templates and also abundant options for developing an easy to use and professional searching website.

Web Site Contractor from One.com includes as an example the following functions:

  • Easy to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Homepage templates

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The appearance of the supposed WYSIWYG (What You View Is What You Acquire) Internet site Builders made it a lot less complicated to realise the dream of possessing your own homepage.

A handful of these Site Builders as well as a lot more exist in current models today. Generally speaking, all web editing program on the market could be made use of on a web space along with One.com.

Site Building contractor – an on the internet treatment

A web site building contractor carries out no longer need to have to be a software package you buy at an outlet to take along with you as well as set up on your computer.

As it holds true for other type of software program, website home builders have relocated online so they don't need to become put up, however are purely web based. They are positioned online and could be made use of coming from all computers along with access to the Net. It also implies that the specific customer no more needs to have to fret about updates to the site contractor. It is automated and also happens on the web server.

Website Contractor from One.com is a web-based plan for homepage modifying as well as it truly possesses many advantages. With your web room at One.com you get free accessibility to a stable of website layouts that may be made use of as manner for an unique site along with food selections as well as great deals of sub webpages of your personal selection.

Along With Internet site Home builder you can as an example insert pictures, slide shows as well as film clips coming from e.g. YouTube or even One.com's Gallery on your own domain. Web site Home builder gives you unrestricted freedom to develop precisely the outcome you prefer. Our assistance is ready to assist you if you have any sort of questions relating to the Website Contractor.


Despite the fact that site home builders have produced it achievable to make homepages without knowledge of HTML, some basic concepts are actually still useful to understand a bit regarding. A web site still is made up primarily of a data set along with HTML code. An internet browser (for example Web Traveler or Mozilla Firefox) reads through and translates the code which at that point seems like content as well as images etc to the individual who sees the site.

HTML and XHTML (Extensible HTML) are actually two web specifications for structuring information on a web site. CSS is actually an abbreviation for Plunging Style Sheets and also is actually a broad spreading technique to handle the site's layout and also style.

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