He's Maybe Not Gay, He's Got Gay Tendencies. You’ve got questions? He’s got answers! Want advice?

We simply had a disagreement in which he stated you will find guys regarding the police who will be within the cabinet and select to take action. He stated it is easier when it comes to males to disguise their sex than females regarding the force. Is he providing me signals? Am We being paranoid? – “A Sista Desires To Know”

Dear “A Sista Would Like To Know, ”

WOW! Ms. Honey, my goal is to physically started to north park myself and knock some feeling into the mind. After all actually. You’ve been dating a person who lives an additional populous town for days gone by a decade and he hasn’t expected you to definitely marry him? Actually, woman.

My goal is to get back to that certain, so address that is let’s he’s giving you signals about his sex and when you have got a directly to be paranoid. להמשיך לקרוא