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The rounds are super quick…just a few minutes each, and kids liked not having to wait long for their turn. SmartGames now has 8 different games in their IQ series, but we found IQ Twist to be the best fit for kids in the 5–8 age range. Simply set up the game board according to your chosen puzzle with colored pegs. Then add your puzzle pieces so that they all fit neatly on the board, making sure that they match the color of any pegs they go over. This fast-paced game is all about creating sets, then stealing them from other players (and stealing them back.) A little confusing at first, but ultimate fun, exciting, and challenging, this one is definitely one that we are still growing into.

At £25 this is one of the more expensive games in this best family board games list, but we think it’s well worth it. We love the fact it encourages fine motor skills and the colourful pieces are really engaging – one of the best board games for kids who are a little younger. We’ve found some of the best board games for kids and families below, including award winners chosen by our own testers. If you’re looking for more ways to to keep kids entertained, we’ve got plenty of educational games like the best STEM toys and the best science toys as well as activities for little ones, like the best toddler toys and the best toys for 0-6 month olds. Simon Hill/INSIDER This kit is aimed at preschoolers, but we actually had some fun using the squiggly plastic pieces to create characters that came to life on screen in Squiggle Magic and to form letters in the ABC game.

Players take turns spinning the wheel to see whether they will get to choose an acorn, get to steal from another player, or lose all their acorns to a windstorm. My kids especially like picking their acorns with the little squirrel-shaped tongs. Your children will love playing this disk dropping Connect 4 game from Hasbro. It is easy to play but also suitable for socializing at home.

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The object of the game is to make it to the end of the board before the pigs eat the picnic or Cinderella’s clock strikes midnight . The real magic happens when the spinner lands on “search” where you pick a card and work as a team to find as many of the item illustrated on the card as possible – all while racing against a timer. driver booster 5 Next, is Race to the Treasure (5+ years; 2–4 players), which pits the players in a race against an Ogre to be the first to reach the treasure chest.

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The girls like to play but aren’t quite old enough to do it on their own. This absolute classic has been a family favorite for many years now. Players pick a card and move to the colored space, sometimes getting lucky by moving ahead to a special character spot, and sometimes having to move all the way back. I think of all the games we play, this one has been the best for teaching our girls how to be gracious winners and losers, and to deal with the disappointment of setbacks. A slightly more fun & engaging version of the classic Hi Ho Cheerio game, this game involves gathering five different colored acorns to fill your stump.

If you are looking for a fun board game that will challenge your kid as well, check out the Milton Bradley Operation game. It is a famous medical-themed game that rewards kids whenever they remove a “Funatomy” part without triggering a buzzer. The specialists and doctor cards on offer are large and easy to use.

Its fun system, on the other hand, not only improves the coordination of kids but also educates boys and girls on medicine and ailments from a young age. Hasbro Chutes and Ladders is a fun board game that can also help your child with counting. Its simple rules are easy to understand and abide by, while its child-safe components are also stylish and durable.

Kids use the path tiles to create a road from start to finish, collecting keys along the way. There is definite strategy in how to place the pathways which sparked great discussions amongst the different groups of kids we had testing this game. And something about beating the Ogre seemed to ignite a real sense of “let’s do this” camaraderie amongst them that was simply delightful to watch. Although the first few turns don’t involve much thought, as the game comes down to just a few mice remaining, players really need to think through their moves in order to position themselves correctly.

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