Sustainability: Progress and Initiative

Advancing Business strategy, focusing on sustainability

 ICL aims to develop new products that meet environmental standards through every stage of the product lifecycle. This policy also applies to acquired companies. The company takes steps to develop new products that contribute to the environment, such as Merquel, a unique product designed to prevent mercury emissions, water purification and desalination products for sage water supply, and phosphate-based flame retardants. 

Responsible management of products throughout the product life cycle (Product stewardship)                                                                                                

In 2011, Rotem Amfert and Dead Sea Works were awarded product stewardship certification with honors by the International Fertilizer Association (IFA). ICL Companies work together with their customers to reduce environmental effects when using their products, in programs such as VECAP for fire retardants and a work plan with growers for proper use of fertilizers. 

Adoption of Responsible Care principals for continuous improvement of health, safety and environmental performance.              

 In 2008, the CEO of ICL signed a commitment to the Responsible Care Global Charter, a document that details the principles by which the chemical industry is regulating its activities in the area of sustainability. ICL’s companies have each taken upon themselves the implementation of Responsible Care principles. 

Code of Ethics to set rules for appropriate conduct for the Company and its employees.

In 2011, ICL approved an updated and comprehensive global Code of Ethics as the foundation of values upon which the corporate culture is based. The values in the Code of Ethics include business integrity, commitment to safety and environmental quality, respect for others, excellence and continuous improvement

National and international standards and certification

Achieving management standards certification for all ICL production plants: ISO 14001 environmental management, ISO 9001 quality management, OHSAS 18001 safety management.

All ICL production plants in Israel have attained certification for the three standards. By 2015, all ICL companies worldwide are expected to have adopted these standards of their equivalent. 


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