Social responsibility and transparency

Fair employment

ICL employees benefit from satisfactory conditions and the Company is the largest significant anchor in the Negev for employment and other local economy. Contractors that employ workers on a permanent basis in ICL plants in Israel are required to pay salaries that are higher than the minimum wage stipulated by law. The Company has established external supervision and control mechanisms that ensure compliance with the requirements. 

Employee safety Assimilation of an organizational culture of zero accidents

 ICL’s safety efforts continue to reduce the number of accidents and near misses for employees and contractors in all ICL facilities. Over the past five years, ICL has reduced the number of accidents by more than 40%.

Transparency and community involvement ICL’s reporting regarding social, economic and environmental subjects is based on international protocols.

 ICL published corporate responsibility reports according to GRI protocols and reports carbon and greenhouse gas issues to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Encouragement of community involvement in environmental quality

ICL has established three community advisory panels (CAP). These panels include the participation of the Sdom and Mishor Rotem plants and the Bromine Compounds plant in the Ramat Hovav Industrial Council.

Cooperation with authorities and the community

ICL encourages social involvement, community support and environmental protection. ICL contributes to and encourages its employees to participate in volunteer activities for the benefit of the community, including:

* Long-term support of the Afternoon Club Project, benefiting over 700 children, who receive assitance with studies and social enrichment in over 60 clubs, mainly in the Negev.

* Volunteering by hundreds of Company employees (in their free time) in club activities.

* Assitance at hospitals, support for educational, cultural, welfare and health societies.

* Assistance at schools.

*Assitance to Bedouin communities for educational, environmental, personal empowerment and other activities.

* Adoption for military units.

* Support for developers in the context of environmental protection.

 * Enrichment and education in chemistry, technology, industry and environment.

 * Encouragement of chemistry studies in high schools. 

 * Together with the Weizmann Institute of science, encouragment of young entrepreneurs and more. 

 * Cooperation with the Nature and Parks Authority for educational programs related to industry and environment.

 * Central support for construction of a village in the Negev for teenagers with autism.

 * Support of oranizations for women at risk, including Maslan (The Negev’s Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Support Center) and the Inbal Center for treating victims of sexual abuse. 

 * ICL plants in Israel are open to visitors. In 2010, over 10,000 people visited the Company sites. 











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