'The passion for my life.' Wife of PC Andrew Harper will pay tribute to him at his funeral

The spouse of Pc Andrew Harper has paid tribute to a heart of silver" at their funeral.

The Thames that is 28-year-old Valley officer had been killed on August 15 while giving an answer to reports of the burglary near a town in Berkshire.

Lissie Harper paid tribute to her husband that is late at solution at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford on Monday went to by a huge selection of uniformed police.

Mrs Harper told the congregation the couple had been "true childhood sweethearts".

  • Lissie Harper's eulogy

Today I wish to keep in mind and honour the type courageous and man that is lovely all understand. We all have been here simply for you.

Through the ever sweet, lanky, red-faced kid passing me records in class, to your strong and dedicated guy you turned out to be. We have constantly understood exactly how unique you will be. We frequently chatted regarding how fortunate we had been to own discovered and held one another, true youth sweethearts, loving one another increasingly more with every day that is passing.

maybe Not per day went past that individuals did not state I adore you.

You accustomed let me know we had been a group and with me now that we would get through all of life's hurdles together, how I wish you were here. The challenge that is hardest of most is losing you.

We been able to pack numerous amazing memories into the past 13 years, travelling the whole world, purchasing a residence and having married. You'd a love that is contagious life, filling every day with laughter and appreciating all of the little things.

You've got been a protector. Whether in your part of your government, tough friend, loving spouse or keeper of comfort one of the public, keeping everybody secure ended up being your concern, not just in your task however your family members too. Every thing ended up being constantly fine whenever you had been around.

A gentle giant with a heart of gold although Andrew was strong he was also unfailingly kind. He wore their uniform with pride and vowed to challenge the bad and commemorate the great.

He enjoyed to be part of an united group and had a work ethic to appreciate. Searching that he was classed so very highly among his peers, known for being proactive, kind and fair around me today I know.

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Apart from the authorities but, Andrew treasured his family members most importantly of all, a national nation kid whom liked the outside, picnics, barbecues and walking. We took trips that are many Cornwall and Andrew had been therefore at comfort here, walking from the coastline, Cornish pasties and seafood and potato potato potato chips, all of it made him therefore delighted. This in reality had been the trip that is last took together after our wedding. I did not realise during the right time just just how valuable those memories would become.

To numerous of you Andrew ended up being an attractive little element of your everyday lives and even simply a person who ended up being constantly here in the periphery of life. Nevertheless for me Andrew had been every thing, my breakfast friend, my dance partner, the love of my entire life. He could fix any such thing and kept every thing, pen lids, Tupperware, countless tips without any home, screws, holey socks and broken bits to glue straight back together. He had been an adventurer, meals fan, board game competitor, he mispronounced terms and constantly dropped asleep during movie evenings. He liked evenings in and laying by the fire, or getting a brand new road to wander and see.

He had been constantly prepared for the next adventure, never ever someone to be deterred by any such thing, an optimistic force of nature. I shall treasure every minute we'd together from sky-diving, bungee bouncing, rock climbing and water that is white, to walking on beaches, gathering ocean cup, cheeky takeaways and sluggish mornings. We must have experienced so many more among these full times together, for you personally Andrew above all deserved an eternity of delight.

Andrew had been countless items to most of us, spouse, friend that is best, cousin, son, uncle, nephew and colleague. The kindest of sort and sweetest of sweet.

He could cheer me up once I had been down by simply pulling a ridiculous face or making bull crap. I possibly could never ever remain angry because he made me laugh in the middle of an argument at him for long. Oh the way I hated that.

I've never ever known anybody so kind, worry free, forgiving, good and positive as our Andrew.

An animal rescuer, he can often be discovered laying on a rug utilizing the family members dog and also taking numerous animals to Tiggywinkles Animal save. If there was clearly an animal in need you constantly appeared to encounter it – hedgehogs, deer as well as wild birds have been proven to take a visit into the motor vehicle with Andrew. a real buddy to all.

If there is a very important factor Andrew taught me personally it had been not to sweat the stuff that is small to treasure every day just as if it really is a present. Each and every time personally i think down and without hope i could hear their sort terms in my own ear telling us to keep working, Find laughter, seek delight. Forever more i shall live every day as I did, more than anyone for you Andrew, every moment of joy, peace, and love I promise to think of my husband and feel lucky to have known him as much. He had been my hero and their nature shall go on in my own memories forever.

My lovely child, we skip you progressively once the times pass into months, my love for your needs won't ever diminish, the noise of the laugh will always be beside me. Your breathtaking look and hot embrace will fill my goals and comfort me personally while you also have.

A beneficial buddy believed to me personally recently that they can never once again complain about aging, on a yearly basis with this planet is really a privilege, every grey hair a blessing, as not every one of us could have the honour of having old. Significantly more than any such thing we want that my many favourite individual had perhaps perhaps not been taken therefore early, therefore cruelly, therefore unexpectedly. "If only" is an idea that no body must have to imagine! We ought to all obtain the opportunity to achieve the actual end of y our everyday lives, therefore for Andrew we just hope if it is our last that we will live every day, every moment, as. No longer "we wish", just "I'm glad".

If every person about this planet had simply an ounce regarding the generosity and kindness that Andrew had, i am aware so it will be a much better destination.

Andrew enjoyed films. We invested many nights in as well as our favourite movies and treats. And so I tried to locate one thing appropriate to express from a single of his favourites. Regrettably Andrew, the Matrix or Dumb and Dumber did not quite appear the fit that is right this stunning spot, but perhaps this one will.

Lissie Harper additionally see the poem 'Stop all the Clocks' by W H Auden.

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